Soda Bottle Planters Go Mainstream with the Stylish CapsulePot

The CapsulePot by Greenamic may look like a horse pill, but it is actually a seed starter and "self-watering" planter. The adorable biodome turned planter is attractively designed and looks like something you would find on the shelf at IKEA. It takes soda bottle planters into the mainstream and probably to a garden center's shelf near you in the very near future.

Watch a Demonstration of the CapsulePot

Seed Starting Biodome From Soda Bottles

Ghetto Greenhouse, seed starting bio-dome seed starter© Ramon Gonzalez

Back in 2007 I blogged about how I was making seed starting biodomes out of empty soda bottles. The idea came from school gardening projects growing up where we made seed starters in classrooms out of recyclable materials like soda bottles, yogurt cups, and plastic milk jugs.

It is one of my most popular posts and contributions to garden blogging because the idea is so simple and easily adapted. There are many iterations floating around the web today of the seed starter and planter from soda bottles.

How to Make Your Own "Self-Watering" Planter From a Soda Bottle (Video)

Turn down your speakers. Video features annoying music.

See how easy it is to make a "self-watering" planter and seed starter from an empty soda bottle that would just end up in the landfill?

Honestly, even though you could make something very similar to the CapsulePot for practically free, I still want one.

However, the £6.95 ($11.00 U.S) price tag on The Balcony Gardener online store is acting as the usual deterrent for this frugal gardener. What's that? I have to pay shipping and handling too? Never mind, I'll just continue pulling soda bottles from the neighbor's trashcans and using them to start my seeds for spring. Thanks to Inside Urban Green for the tip.

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Soda Bottle Planters Go Mainstream with the Stylish CapsulePot
This self-watering soda bottle planter is awfully cute...but it's also easy to make your own.

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