Send Me Dead Flowers in the Morning


tulips with bulbs intact. photo by trevor reichman

The day after Valentine's day, decapitated flowers will go on sale at heavily discounted prices everywhere. But there are more romantic alternatives to giving over priced dead flowers to your partner on, or even after Valentine's day. Read further for a few other plant based ways to say "I Love You". 1) Instead of giving cut flowers to your loved ones, give flower seeds instead. Plant the seeds together and watch them grow. As they grow, bloom, and remain in bloom during the spring, it will serve as a reminder of your love much longer than cut flowers that will only deteriorate after peaking on Valentine's day. Valentine's day happens to fall during the perfect time of year to plant spring flowers in the ground or start them indoors.

2) If you don't like patience required gifts and want to make a more instant impression, give flowers with their roots still intact so that they can be transplanted. Why give decapitated tulips, when you can give tulips with their bulbs intact for the same price that will last through the spring.

3) Waiting to celebrating consumer based holidays the day after, not only saves consumers money during difficult times, but it also gets stores to take note of reduced demand for disposable items and compensate the following year when stocking up with inventory. So instead of giving cut and dying flowers to your loved on ON Valentine's day, wait a day. Discuss the earth saving decision with your partner if you are worried about seeming cheap or unromantic.

Healthy and lasting relationships, like plants, take time and patience. They can't be purchased in a Hallmark store.

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