Seedy People Share Their Seed


OK - the title is bad, but we couldn't resist. Gardeners everywhere love to swap seeds. There's something so satisfying about sharing nature's bounty, especially if that bounty is of the locally grown, delicious, heirloom variety. A while back we covered the UK's Potato Day, an important event on the calendar of any UK-based seed swapper. Now we've found a whole website dedicated to helping green-fingered Brits share their favorite cultivars with their fellow gardeners. The wonderfully named Seedy People is outrageously simple - basically a page for seeds available to swap, and a page for seeds wanted. What more do you need? This short blurb from the site's creators reveals the ethos behind the project:

"We all know seeds are expensive and there is always a surplus after planting what we need. This site is for those of you who would like to make use of the surplus to either swap for a variety you have been longing to grow, a variety you have never heard of or send on to someone who you know will get great pleasure in growing. For the price of a stamp we can make use of all those millions of seeds that go to waste and also save ourselves money in the process."

Looking at the seeds available, it appears there's a good mix of commercial varieties, and unique home-saved seeds that are just waiting for a good home. So what are you waiting for? Log on and get swapping! For more information on greener garden habits, check out our guide on How to Green Your Gardening::Seedy People:: via Permaculture Magazine::

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