Second Season Planting Offers a Second Chance at a Vegetable Garden this Year

While most of us think of vegetable gardens as something that has to be started in the spring for a summer harvest, truly savvy gardeners know that midsummer is a great time to sow another batch of seeds to extend the harvest into fall.

Yes, you can start a vegetable garden now-and it's a great time to do it. You’ll be taking advantage of the warm soil that germinates seeds quicker than they would in the spring when the ground is still cool.

Planting a second season of vegetables and herbs today will extend the time you can feed yourself from your own garden, and save you money on groceries in the process.

Vegetables You Can Sow Now

1. Cabbage
2. Spinach
3. Cauliflower
4. Carrots
5. Asian Greens
6. Leeks
7. Broccoli
8. Swiss chard
9. Kale
10. Leaf lettuces
11. Bush peas

Herbs You Can Sow in Now

1. Basil
2. Chives
3. Dill
4. Oregano
5. Fennel
6. Borage
7. Sage
8. Marjoram

Pick varieties that are quick to mature. Protect young seedlings from the harsh summer sun by growing them in the shade of plants you will be harvesting and pulling out of the garden soon.

When planting a second season of vegetables it is very important to take into consideration your first frost date. Check the first frost date in your area and give yourself a nice buffer when planting. It is recommended you add two weeks to the maturity date of your crop to account for the waning light at the end of summer.

If you need a seed source give one of the previously recommended heirloom seed companies, and the favorite seed companies of TreeHugger readers.

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Second Season Planting Offers a Second Chance at a Vegetable Garden this Year
Didn't start a vegetable garden this spring? Well, there's still time to sow many vegetables and herbs you can harvest this fall.

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