Sean Canavan - Guerilla Gardener Extraordinaire


We've reported on Guerilla Gardening once or twice before, but I reckon Sean Canavan could be the hero of the movement. Others think so too. Winner of an honourable mention in the EPICS (Exceptional People in Camden Awards) late last year, Sean is 50 something, an ex-carpenter, whose planted hundreds of flowers around trees in the streets near where he lives. "When I moved here I had come from a house with a very big garden, which I basically dug up and brought with me, but I didn't have enough room so the plants sort of spilled over," and has continued to spill well past his front gate, all at his own expense. The plants aren't organic or indigenous, they're just flowers mostly. But by adding colourful life to the concrete grey of urban streetscapes, they've created a sense of community pride that has seen vandalism and litter decrease. What makes Sean's achievement that much more inspiring is that he is completely blind. I was going to quote a few classic lines from Sean, out of this sweet little 1.45 min Google Video, but then decided the world was better served by seeing and hearing Sean for themselves. Via ::Camden New Journal.