Scythe Revival Grows in the UK Too

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Green Grows the Grass?
Now that the summer growth season is in full swing, many folks will be struggling to keep up with their lawn maintenance. And while converting our yards to edibles is probably the greenest option out there, reel mowers come in a close second. However, if your grass cutting is of the more heavy-duty variety, it's worth knowing that scythes are making a comeback too. We've already written about a Canadian scything enthusiast, but is seems that the UK is undergoing a scything revival too, at least if Simon Fairlie of the Scythe Shop has anything to do with it. His website eloquently describes how scything "changed his life":
"Haymaking is not the only purpose for which we use our scythes, and most people nowadays, like David Tresemer, buy a scythe for clearing weeds. We have three and a half acres of orchard-cum-grazing, which has been weed infested ever since we first bought it, and which requires topping three or four times a year. Topping three acres of weeds by hand is a fair task, and here too the lightness of the Austrian scythes has improved matters vastly.

In addition, there are all the areas around gardens, greenhouses, paths etc which require weed clearance, and again the nimbleness of the Austrian scythes makes it the tool of choice. When you see people in their gardens or paddocks waddling about, strimmer in hand, dressed as if they were off to fight for Uncle Sam, spewing out noise and fumes, and doing the job about half as fast as they could with a little scythe, you wonder whether the world hasn't gone totally mad."

Besides selling imported Austrian scythes, Simon also offers workshops and helps organize an annual scything festival and competition.

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