San Francisco Compost Closes the Loop


In what looks like a functioning closed loop recycling system, San Francisco takes food scrap waste from over 2,000 restaurants, etc, converts this to compost, which nourishes soil for food and wine later served in the same eateries. Veggies trimmings, soiled napkins, and other biodegradable matter is collected from delis, caterers, hotels, markets and even households and sent to the Jepson Prairie Organics composting facility, where a high grade, nutrient rich soil enhancer is formed on a large scale. So effective is the process that, according to one article, "everything from crab shells and cantaloupe skins to steak bones" can be used as feedstock. Organic produce farmers in the region seem to love the result, as it supplies their soil with inorganic salts, potassium, nitrogen, folic acids, while aerating soil and and retaining water. Over 50 vineyards are participating in use of the compost fertiliser. Back in the city, some restaurants are achieving green waste recycling rates of up to 90%. All up, an impressive program. ::San Francisco Recycling.