Restoring 600 Square Miles of Ancient Forest: Trees For Life (Video)

reforesting the Scottish highlands photo

Image credit: The Journey

When I wrote about The Journey's visit to Eastside Roots—a community gardening hub created at an under used train station—I suggested this was the last episode of The Journey I would cover for a while. But it's hard when every episode is so darned inspiring. From massive stashes of recycled bikes through illegal roundhouses to reclaimed timber lumber yards, this low-impact traveling documentary project has captured some of the most exciting grassroots projects in the UK. I couldn't help but cover their visit to Trees For Life—an awesome group that is working to restore over 600 square miles of ancient forests in the Scottish Highlands. Working from the premise that the 21st Century should be an age of restoration, Trees for Life is looking to restore the Caledonian forest—reversing some of the land use changes that have seen more than 90% of original forests in Scotland lost to deforestation. The group works in partnership with the Forestry Commission, the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds and private landowners, and it also now owns and manages the 10,000 acre Dundreggan Estate. And all this because one man had the crazy notion that he could make a difference...

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