Reforesting 20 Million Square Kilometers by 2020 (Video)

WeForest reforestation photo

Image credit: WeForest

It looks like a global anti-deforestation deal may be the most positive thing to come out of the Copenhagen climate talks. And while cuts to fossil fuel use and other emissions are still vital, there's no doubt that tackling deforestation is key to reversing climate change. But what about reforestation? Peru has already committed to replanting 40 million trees, although some commenters worried about the species mix. Now an online effort is seeking to create a global movement for reforestation and permaculture food forests. WeForest is building a global movement through social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to reforest 20 million hectares of land by 2020. Work has already begun on reforestation in Brazil working with the Open World Foundation, and the organization put together the following videos on their vision, and what is already being done. Spread the word.

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