Real Ecourns by Econatur


We have featured Bio Urns before and as TreeHuggers we liked the idea of Martín Ruiz de Azua’s urn with the embedded tree seed and Nadine Jarvis’ Carbon Copies to hang from trees but if you actually were to purchase an ecological urn… where could you buy one? We found Econatur, a Barcelona based company that have managed to commercialise biodegradable urns.
These Ecourns are made from animal origin gelatines (not for vegetarians I guess) and arid materials which allow them to disintegrate in between 24 hours (high humidity environment) and 3 months if buried. This material however also allows for safekeeping by the family. So far you can choose from four designs: a white Ball shaped urn, the more Classic shape, a Pyramid one or the Coffer. Reasons why to opt for an Ecourn: it’s ecological (no pollution, no tree cutting, no energy used) and shows respect for the environment, it’s ethical since the ashes of the deceased become part of nature and it’s economical since you’re skipping the added cost of traditional cremation or an expensive coffin. If you feel a bit weird leaving this object out there in plain nature, check out there certificates on the product’s behaviour and conformity. So now, what category does this go under... gifts? how to? -Botanical says Warren, and adds TS Eliot: "We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring
will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time." ::Econatur