Pothole Gardening for the Truly Compulsive

pete dungey photo

Image from P. Dungey

We have had match stick gardening and upside down plant holders and guerrilla gardening but this is one for the gardener who is truly compulsive. Potholes, filled with flowers... Why?

Pete Dungey has been patiently planting flowers in potholes to highlight "the problem of surface imperfections on Britain's roads." He says "If we planted one of those in every hole, it would be like a forest in the road". It's poetry of an urban kind.

primula potholes photos

He mainly uses common, every day garden variety primulas, which are out now despite the cold weather. And he does it in Oxford. Dungey works alone, but hopes that others will follow his lead.

alan keys photo

A graphic artist at the University of Brighton, Dungey says that it began as part of a project called "subvert the familiar." Which is just what he has done in this series, called Alan Keys, Taking a lead from the ubiquitous Alan key that comes with everything from Ikea, he has made a series using names of famous British Alans... There is Alan Titmarsh, gardener, Lily Allen, singer, Alan Carr, comedian and of course, Sir Alan (Sugar).

bird song photo

His Birdsong project has a dual purpose. In a good looking container he includes a poster depicting all 196 birds in permanent UK residency and their photos. The container doubles as a bird feeder which can be hung from a tree.

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