Plants in Bio-degradeable Pots At Long Last!

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Photo: B. Alter

One of the most annoying aspects of gardening is the left-over black plastic pots that no gardening centre will take back and no recycling or garbage collections will pick up. They accumulate until finally...well, we all have our secrets about how we get rid of them.

The really great thing about The Hairy Pot Plant Company is the pots. They are made out of coconut husks, ready to be placed right into the ground. No more horrible, non-recyclable plastic pots. Hurray!

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Photo: B. Alter
The pots are made out of organically grown coconuts. The outer husk of the coconuts (coir fibre) happens to be the main waste product of coconut farms. The coir is specially cleaned then bound together with a minimal application of biodegradable organic latex (from the local rubber trees).

They come from Sri Lanka, where their production provides much-needed employment to the local community. Each pot is handmade through a labour intensive process of separation and cleaning and drying and moulding in the hot sun. They get to the UK by boat.

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Photo: B. Alter

Plants grow better in these pots because the roots can get through to the ground. They won't become pot-bound.

The small nursery has been working hard to make their growing cycle as environmental as possible. They even use electric golf carts to get around the place. They have also come up with a whole special environmental packing system that avoids using cardboard and sticky tape and is recyclable.

They sell a wide range of the pots. As for the plants, they look lovely too.

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