Innovative Paper Leaf Mimics Fall, Changes Color Depending on Temperature

Paper leaf thermometer © Japan Trend Shop

Why not bring a bit of the autumnal leaf change that we’re all enjoying outdoors to your home or office with these cool leaves that act as thermometers. Leaf, designed by Hideyuki Kumagai, is a stylish way of gauging the temperature indoors. The paper leaves stay their natural green color when the temperature is between 68-77°F.

Leaf Thermometer © Japan Trend Shop

The leaf will turn brown in colder temperatures, and yellow when hotter. Japan Trend Shop suggests affixing them to electronics or pieces of furniture, but I like Next Nature’s suggestion of creating a bush with them. Stick a pack of them on that dead ficus in the corner of your room to give it a new life.

Leaf comes in two packs of five large leaves (2.6 x 6.6") or eight smaller (1.7 x 4.4") ones, and are made in Japan. You can order them from Japan Trend Shop for $37.00. It may make a neat holiday gift for that person who already has everything, including a Galilean thermometer.

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