Outlaw Chicken Keepers Keep the Faith in Nashville

outlaw chicken keepers photoThe Perennial Plate/Video screen capture

When I saw the video title "Underground Chickens", I assumed I'd be seeing a subterranean version of this cool chicken tunnel system. But this topic is more down-to-earth, if frustrating. It's a video of people in Nashville, Tennessee, who are breaking the law by keeping backyard chickens.

There are, of course, many communities where backyard chickens are banned. Some fear they are a gateway drug for urban cows, while others are worried they may pave the way for backyard slaughter.

Either way, given the renewed interest in growing your own food, the ongoing tough economy, and the fact that even Williams-Sonoma are selling chicken coops, it seems likely that the urban chicken is hear to say. I would have thought that cities would be better off not fighting the trend, and instead working with chicken keepers and concerned neighbors to come up with sensible rules and regulations that keep everyone's well-being (including the chickens') in mind.

Outlaw Chicken Keepers Keep the Faith in Nashville
Backyard chickens may be trendy, but in some cities they are still illegal. But that doesn't stop some would-be chicken keepers.

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