Organic Formulations - Using Australian Bush Extracts


Organic Formulations "is an environmentally concerned company that has been involved in the manufacturing of organic botanical blends and the processing of skin, body and hair care products since 1989." They specialise in Australian bush extract blends, formulated from Australian wild bush fruits and flowers "that bring to the rest of the world over 50,000 years of traditional culture."Like their Vanilla Kiss Deodorant from the Biologika brand. This roll-on deodorant is aluminium free and certified organic. It's ingredient list is: "Purified water, Organic Herbal blend of Rosehip, Lavender & Calendula; Grapefruit extract, Olive Leaf extract, Vanilla extract, Jojoba oil, Biodynamic Avocado oil, Bicarb soda, Xantham gum, Natural plant derived ethanol, Australian bush extract of Kakadu Plum." Now that last one might not be familiar to many. It's an Australian 'bush food' about the size of an olive, found in the northern outback and named after a National Park of stunning tropical biodiversity. The Kakadu Plum apparently has the world's highest recorded fruit content of vitamin C, about 50 times that of oranges. Their site also offers recipes for making your own creations. ::Organic Formulations