Organic Fertilizer and How to Make It

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Image credit: Austin Marshall, used under Creative Commons license.

Permaculture Magazine has been stepping up its game when it comes to online content of late. Last week a lot of people got worked up about their post of The Moneyless Man's take on meat eating as speciesism, but it's not all about the macro-questions. Their latest post is a great, simple solution for making homemade fertilizer. Just be prepared for a little smell.
We have, of course, posted before on how to make compost tea, compost extractions and even gardening with urine. But it doesn't get much simpler than one Permaculture Magazine reader's instructions for making homemade organic fertilizer using a rain barrel, some weeds (comfrey and/or nettle are perfect) and a shovel-full of manure:

I use nettles as they are easy to find and free, but you can also use comfrey and horsetail, which also are both very effective.
I give my mix a stir each day to mix oxygen into the liquid, which is essential to the survival of the bacteria breaking down the plants.
The mixture will produce big bubbles on the surface which means the fermenting process is happening.

Head on over to Permaculture Magazine for the full instructions.

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