O'Hare Airport Welcomes Beekeepers with Felony Convictions (Video)

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German airports have already embraced beekeeping, using honey bees to monitor air quality in and around airports. Now Chicago's O'Hare airport is getting into the beekeeping business too, although the motivation here seems to be more about putting unused land to good use than it is about monitoring air quality. They're also giving people with felony convictions the chance to learn new skills in the process too.

Given that prisons are realizing the therapeutic nature of beekeeping, Beeline Beauty Products' job seekers with felony convictions may have much more than just economic and ecological benefits. (Erin posted on Beeline Beauty Products before too.)

And given that Chicago's O'Hare airport is now offering free filtered water for folks using water bottles, there are some encouraging signs of a slightly cleaner, greener and more productive airport environment.

Now if they could just fix that pesky little problem of the environmental impact of aviation, we'd be laughing...

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