New Woolly Pocket Planter is Less 'Woolly,' But Makes Vertical Gardening Less Messy

The popularity of living walls can be attributed in large part to the success of the Woolly Pocket planters. These cuddly planters make it possible for anyone to grow a vertical garden indoors and out. I like these planters so much I recommended them in a previous post on fabric planters for accessible gardening.

I even own three Woolly Pockets myself. Although, I should point out that I’ve never actually planted in them. My Woolly Pockets are sitting in storage after being gifted to me by a gardener. They’re too nice for me to use outdoors, and I’m afraid that I’d ruin an indoor wall with my messy watering practices.

It seems like I’m not the only one who worries about water damage indoors because the company unveiled this new vertical planter at the Independent Garden Center Show last week. The rep at the trade show told me the new planters are a response to feedback from garden centers and customers.

The new planter by the company is part modular vertical planter and part self-watering container. You irrigate the planter by adding water in the circular openings in the top corners and the water trickles down through the growing medium.

While this planter is not as huggable as the original Woolly Pocket--it is as environmentally friendly. It’s 100% BPA-free food grade polypropylene plastic, and made in America. The darker planters are 100% recycled while the lighter-colored ones are 50% recycled.

The new planter will be available in October 2012. Which gives vertical gardening enthusiasts plenty of time to start dropping hints for Christmas.

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New Woolly Pocket Planter is Less 'Woolly,' But Makes Vertical Gardening Less Messy
Like vertical gardening, but think the fabric planters spill too much water? New planter by Woolly Pockets may be just for you.

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