NeighBirds: Brilliant, Modular Birdhouse Expands Into Bird Neighborhood (Photos)

NeighBirds Modular Birdhouse © Andreu Carulla

Recently featured on NOTCOT, Andreu Carulla's NeighBirds is a clever take on the birdhouse just may be the cure for empty nest syndrome--for bird mothers, at least.

Neighbirds Modular Birdhouse© Andreu Carulla

Each birdhouse is hand-crafted into a hexagon from untreated pine. As a stand-alone birdhouse NeighBirds is a perfectly fine birdhouse. The genius of the design comes into play when the love birds decide to start a family.

Neighbirds Modular Birdhouse© Andreu Carulla

As the family expands so can the number of residential units until you have an entire NeighBirdhood for birds.

Neighbirds Modular Birdhouse© Andreu Carulla

According to the Utoopic website, NeighBirds birdhouses are in production and being well-received, although there is no word on price or where to buy them outside of Spain. But the design is simple enough to replicate that just about DIYer could make one.

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