MycoSpored Oil - Death by a Million Mushrooms

We get some pretty weird stuff across the Treehugger desk at times. And today, thanks to the bravery of tipster, Rob M (even he thought it was a ‘crazy idea’), we can share this one with you. It’s an environmentally friendly, biodegradable lubricant for chain-saws and other wood cutting tools. In a 10% dilution with canola oil, not only does it lube your chainsaw, but it accelates the decomposition of the resulting stump. The oil is, you see, infused with a mushroom spore-mass. As the blade spins about chopping down the tree, [whaaaaaa!] umpteen spores are dispersed. They in turn germinate and compost the exposed trunk. It doesn't need to be burnt or ripped out, so vital forest litter is retained. Depending on whether your forest is soft or hardwood, you can can select Pearl Oyster, Shiitake, and Conifer Tuft mushrooms. $30 USD a quart. Just what will they think of next? ::Fungi Perfecti