More on the Rubbish Garden at the Chelsea Flower Show

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Guest Treehugger Bonnie Alter reports from London on the Chelsea Flower Show on the "Rubbish Garden"-

The Real Rubbish Garden at the Chelsea flower show is a very prosaic garden, in a place where the "wow" factor reigns supreme.
The fascinating part is the way recycled materials have been used in the composition of the various built components. The edges of the pond are made of crushed, recycled pirated CD's which glitter because they are set in resin. The plastic resin is made from recycled waterbottles. The lids of the storage containers are made of Bank of England notes set in resin. The sides are decorated with tin can lids, tops of wine bottles and coffee stir sticks. The "concrete" walls surrounding the garden are glass and lime. The gabions--a term for wire containers, are filled with bits of old and broken clay garden pieces.
The garden has a lot of interesting ideas for committed environmentalists with a creative streak.

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edge of pond from crushed CD's

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gabion filled with old clay garden pieces

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not in the Rubbish garden- apppears to be a gabion filled with wine bottles.

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by [Bonnie Alter]