Mobile Landscape Intervention Unit to the Rescue


Got a toxic garden problem? Who ya gonna call? The Mobile Landscape Intervention Unit, thats who. Its got it all- a crack team of Quebecois landscape architects arrive in a converted live-work shipping container complete with all the tools necessary for a team to carry out its work and live comfortably onsite including storage space for tools and seeds, a workstation, a mini-kitchen, and bunk beds. According to Canadian Architect, " "The Unit, as it is unabashedly called, visits ecologically degraded landscapes with the intent of rehabilitating these sites. Rather than a focus on fully restoring degraded sites, which can often take years to accomplish, the goal is to make a strong statement and give helpful demonstrations of how these sites can be prepared for future growth and sustainability with artistic expressions through nature." After spending the summer at the Toronto Brickworks, one of our many prime contaminated attractions, grateful citizens will wave goodbye as they race off to find other sick sites in need of landscape love and remediation. :: Mousse architecture de paysage at the ::Toronto Brickworks via ::Spacing Wire