Milwaukee's First Rooftop CSA

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Urban areas leave little room for gardening and greenery. Community gardens and green roofs give city dwellers the opportunity to enjoy greenery and gardening and now a rooftop farmer in Milwaukee started Milwaukee's first rooftop CSA.
Shares are now available in Milwaukee's first rooftop CSA. The extensive variety of organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs are being grown atop The Community Building and Restoration Building just south of the city's Capitol for $800 per share. The CSA season will run longer than most because of the community greenhouse also erected to continue the harvest season for tomatoes, broccoli, peppers, and cauliflower into the winter season. From planting strawberry plants to planting numeorus rows of carrots, transplanting tomato plants, and starting new seedlings, it's all being documented in the Roof Farmer Blog.

A sample CSA box would include two small heads of some combination of buttercrunch, royal red, or simpson lettuce; one bag of spinach, and one bag of spring salad mix (composed of swiss chard, kale, arugula, and a variety of baby lettuces). But as with any CSA, this changes weekly.

Extending the Benefits of Green Roofs to Community Supported Farming
Jenna has written about rooftop gardens before on TreeHugger. Green roofs and rooftop gardens have many cooling benefits, they reduce the urban heat island effect, protect the "membrane" (aka roof), increase amenity space, and promote biodiversity. They can help with stormwater management and noise reduction. And now with a rooftop CSA that list extends to providing locally grown, organic produce to urban areas.

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