Meet the 'Ultimate' Tomato Cage

Ultimate Tomato CageGlobal Garden Friends/Video screen capture

Do you find the wire tomato cages at the garden center are too wimpy to support your tomato plants? Tired of replacing bamboo stakes every couple of years? Check out the Ultimate Plant Cage. This just might be the most extreme tomato cage to ever hit the market.

Watch the Ultimate Plant Cage

The Ultimate Plant Cage is a three piece interlocking ring that sits at the bottom of your plant--in this case a tomato--with telescoping stakes that rise around the circumference of ring.

Mike Donaldson, the cage’s inventor, came up with the idea for this product trying to help his mother make gardening easier for her. Soon his friends and family wanted one and he developed the product for the mass market.

Ultimate Plat CageGlobal Garden Friends/Video screen capture

Ultimate Tomato CageGlobal Garden Friends/Video screen capture

Not only can you use the Ultimate Plant Cage in the ground, but it works in containers and looks like a great tool for soilless vegetable gardening. The spikes at the base of the cage allow you to insert it into blocks of Rockwool and clay pebbles.

The Ultimate Plant Cage costs $17.95 and the Ultimate Plant Stakes cost $9.99 at Global Garden Friends.

If you're wondering what the pots are in the picture at the beginning of the video, they look to be pots similar to the Smart Pots (if not the same product) that I've featured here before.

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Meet the 'Ultimate' Tomato Cage
Do tomato cages collapse under the weight of your tomatoes? Check out this durable plant cage that may fit all your needs.

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