Make Your Own Plant Tags From Discarded Fountain Drink Cups

You can buy a pack of plant tags at the garden center to label all of your seedlings, but why spend money when there are hundreds of discarded fountain drink cups around you can turn into tags and labels for your seedlings and plants?

Materials You’ll Need.

Plastic fountain drink cup, scissors, pencil and a plant tag to use as a template.

Step 1.

Grab a plastic cup you got with your lunch, or fish a cup thrown into the recycle bin or trashcan at work if you don’t east fast food. Any fountain drink cup will do, but the larger cups will make more plant tags.

Step 2.

Cut the cup in half lengthwise. If the cup is narrower at the bottom, so it fits into a cup holder, cut just above the area where it begins to narrow. Remove the lip from both halves of the cup. This will make it easier to lay the piece of plastic down in the next step.

Step 3.

Take a plant tag you already have and use it as a template. Lay it on the halved pieces of cups and trace it with a pencil. The size of your cup and template plant tag will determine how many plant labels you can make from each cup. I can usually get eight plant tags per plastic cup. Now cut along the outside of your tracings and remove each plant tag as you go along.

When you’re done you have a number of plant tags that cost you nothing. I’ve also made plant tags out of the sides of plastic milk jugs and tall containers for yogurt, sour cream and butter. The thicker the plastic the longer the plant tag will last, in my experience. I generally expect these homemade plant tags to only last me a growing season or two. To write the name of the plant I'll etch it into the plastic with the tip of a crafting knife so I don't have to worry about the name fading in the sun.

What trash have you converted into plant tags, and labels in your garden?

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Make Your Own Plant Tags From Discarded Fountain Drink Cups
Upcycle fountain drink cups into plant tags to label your seedlings and plants.

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