Lost in London is a Magazine about the Beauty of London and Its Trees

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Lost In London magazine is a lovely little booklet/magazine that comes out seasonally. Subtitled Living Simply in the City, it is filled with beautiful photos and artwork and inspiring stories of London life and wildlife.

The spring edition, which is just out now, has a tree theme. With the use of photos, artist's drawings, interviews, and sculpture, the essence of trees is examined.

There is an inspiring story on the elm trees in London and a project, Ulmus Londinium, to map and renew them after the blight of Dutch Elm disease. Since the late 60's about 25 million trees have died; that's 80% of Britain's native elms. Now there is hope because a charity Roots and Shoots is nurturing 750 saplings from healthy parent trees. Some will be transferred to public gardens this spring. Charmingly, later on, anyone living in parts of London that have the word "elm" in their address will be given one.

lost londonBonnie Alter/CC BY 2.0
Plane tree

Elsewhere, there is a debate on which tree is most emblematic of London: the plane tree or the hornbeam. Serious questions these, with the distinctive mottled bark of the plane compared to the historic, utilitarian hornbeam.

These charming drawings by Tom Bingham illustrate an article about a programme to restore reedbeds and a revival of the water vole. There were reed beds along the Thames but these have been drained and concreted over, with development. Now the London Biodiversity Partnership is working with local groups to restore the habitats and wildlife. Water voles, have been introduced, along with the plantings, and now birds, frogs, toads, and bugs are reappearing.

London's Bike Kitchen is a new bicycle workshop where people can fix their own bicycles. It's being run as a social enterprise, with space, tools, and advice on loan. Classes are being held, some for women only.

Elsewhere, articles look at bird migrations, the threatened stag beetle, woodland walks, how to grow roses (this is England) and the perfect flower arrangement for those spring tulips.

It's a small, independent publication, printed lovingly by Cambrian Printers, Environmental Company of the Year 2009. Available in shops and through the mail.

Lost in London is a Magazine about the Beauty of London and Its Trees
This lovely London magazine is about finding the country in the city.

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