Looking for a composter? Check Craigslist first.

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I love making compost.

While I have been known to hammer together some pallets when needed, however, I do not, as a rule, love making compost bins. (I am a committed lazivore after all.) So when we decided that my over-sized and neglected pallet-wood compost bin was not going to work anymore in our small, urban yard, I started looking around for ready-made composters.

The trouble is, for what often amounts to a barrel with the bottom cut out and a few holes drilled in it—maybe with a hatch added if you are lucky—they are not exactly cheap. A quick search of Craigslist in the Triangle/Raleigh-Durham area, however, revealed a ton of used composters for sale at knockdown prices. It also led me to Better Terra, a local outfit creating double-barrel compost tumblers out of old food-grade barrels.

For the same price as some of the single-barrel compost tumblers, I got a really well-constructed, solid, two-barrel compost tumbler delivered to my door and situated where I wanted it. I'd be willing to bet that most lazivores will find a similar DIY/cottage industry outfit operating where they live.

So shop local. Rot local. Keep the nutrients cycling.

(If you did want to buy new, the Geobin seems like a steal.)

Looking for a composter? Check Craigslist first.
If you're not going to go DIY, Craigslist or other local listings might be your next best bet.

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