London's Bees Are in Trouble. Can The Olympics Save Them? (Video)

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Image credit: Capital Bee

Kristin already reported on a campaign to plant 2012 gardens across London for the 2012 Olympics. As part of that campaign, the UK's capital is also planning a major revival of urban beekeeping too.
The Capital Bee campaign is not just supporting 50 community hives across the city. Given that London already has 2,500 registered hives, it's perhaps more important that the campaign is also making a major push for Londoners to adopt bee friendly lifestyle choices like reducing or abandoning pesticide use int he garden; growing their own food; planting forage plants for bees; and choosing organic, bee-friendly foods when they shop.

The Cooperative Group's Plan Bee campaign has already raised the profile of urban beekeeping in London, as well as setting out to tackle dangerous pesticide use and other challenges—but the Capital Bee initiative will be a welcome addition to the numerous efforts to help save our honeybees.

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