Living Billboard

Remarkable things seem to happen in Toronto's Dundas Square, the oft reviled but truly elegant space designed by Brown and Storey Architects. Last week we covered the installation ATTACK
and now we see a living billboard, made of 900 real plants, advertising an Escape Hybrid from our favourite greenwasher Ford. Their hypocrisy knows no bounds- Ford has the worst fleetwide fuel economy of all major automakers. via remarkable new subscription only blog ::if.psfk - if that does not work the source is ::AisforAdvertisingFrom the Green Life on Ford:

Greenwashing the Blue Oval

The Greening of the Blue Oval presents the Escape Hybrid and the River Rouge factory as symbols of Ford’s sweeping environmental commitment.

However, set against Ford’s entity-level operations, these two technologies illustrate that the company’s colors are changing merely at the margins. In 2004, for the fifth consecutive year and 20th time in the past 30 years, Ford had the worst fleetwide fuel economy of all major automakers. Hybrids account for approximately one-half of one percent of Ford’s annual sales, or roughly one-quarter the number of F-150s made each month beneath the vegetation-covered roof at River Rouge. Ford plans to steadily expand its lineup of hybrids, yet their impact on the company’s fuel economy will be counteracted by new models of non-hybrid SUVs, such as the Volvo XC90 and Jaguar Z-Type, coming in 2007.

Likewise, Ford’s leaked plans for a voluntary fuel-economy target decades down lacks credibility as the company currently allocates part of its $8 million annual lobbying budget to opposing both state and federal mandates to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

As long as hybrids are hardly a sliver of Ford fleet and its green factory produces pickup trucks with worst-in-class fuel economy, Ford should cease marketing the Escape Hybrid and River Rouge as environmental emblems.