Leopoldo City Vegetable Garden Greening Many Different Corners of the Cities.


Since last time we talked about the Leopoldo City Vegetable Garden, these guys have been pretty busy and creative in many different areas. Leopoldo has developed different shapes and sizes from Large to Medium and XS (very cute and perfect for growing herbs) for this light recyclable aluminium structure which provides you with all the excitement of a vegetable garden in your apartment. However, just the design product wasn’t enough for Leopoldo so they entered the Product Service System (PSS) by promoting not only the object but also a greener diet and its therapeutical and educational properties. The Leopoldo City Vegetable Garden has become a great tool for working with handicapped people as it has shown to improve physical and psychological capacities and, as they say ‘it doesn’t break your back’ since the plants grow at a certain height which makes it perfect to handle from a wheelchair. I’ve been told that they are working on a book at the moment to go with the product and in which they share their knowledge and passionate stories. Last but not least they did a project together with Vinçon in Madrid last month to launch their plant calendar and to share tips about gardening. Here a few they’d like to share with you:

•to avoid the loss of humidity in the soil, cut pieces of the cardboard box or paper egg containers to put below the soil when potting.
•to avoid aphid, don’t put water on the plants but instead spray the with the following mixtures: leave 3 to 4 cigarettes in water until the nicotine dissolves, or, mix potassic soap with water (100 gr. for 10 l.) which makes the aphid slip and fall off the plant.
•when it comes to tomatoes, cut the sprouts that grow between the main stem and the leaves
•coffee dreg and used tealeaves are excellent to mix with the top layer of the soil.
•good neighbours are lettuce and onion.
•if your onions start to sprout in its basket in the larder, put them into the earth to obtain tender onions.
•use camomile infusion to water the plants; it strengthens the roots and leaves.
If you have any curious observations or tips about your balcony plants, let us know. Leopoldo is also open for any new proposals regarding the use of their City Vegetable Garden so don’t be shy and share your thoughts if you are (or want to be) a green thumbed person. ::Leopoldo City Vegetable Garden Thanks Toni for the tips! Picture: Leopoldo@Vinçon's and a TreeHugger's Leopoldo.