Learn How to Scythe: The Ancient Art of Mowing

Image credit: Wild Seed

Lloyd has reported before on the return of the scythe, and there is also a scythe revival underway in the UK - and there was TreeHugger Mike thinking he was all cutting edge for being a push mower addict. Scything is undoubtedly a dangerous looking business though - but UK-based newbies wanting a little help can head down to London this weekend for a day long course from Scything expert Simon Farlie. The introduction to scything course will run this Saturday at Hackney City Farm and costs £60 (that's about $90 for US readers - though the plane ticket will be a little more!). Topics covered will include history of scything, tool selection and maintenance, mowing technique and management of grassland with scything in mind.

Get cutting folks! And for those still unsure of the utility of Scything, the course webpage reminds us of Tolstoy's Anna Karenina, in which Levin says to his brother after a day's scything: ‘You can't imagine what an effectual remedy it is for every sort of foolishness.’

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