Learn How to Grow Potatoes in a Bucket Through Catchy Song and Animation (Video)

growing potatoes in a bucketTopic Simple/Video screen capture

I’m always surprised when I encounter a gardener who hasn’t given growing potatoes in a bucket a try. Potatoes are one of the easiest edibles to grow in the garden, and by growing them in buckets you can harvest a potato crop just in even the smallest urban garden. Growing potatoes in buckets is easy.

Watch Growing Potatoes in a Bucket

Just how easy is it to grow potatoes in a bucket? I’ll let this quirky video by Topic Simple demonstrate it through song and animation. I should warn you that at the end of the video not only will you be inspired to grow potatoes in a bucket, but you may find yourself singing the song over and over.

Have you grown potatoes in buckets before or have a favorite potato you grow? I’ve grown Bintje, Peruvian Purple, and German Butterball potatoes in buckets in the past and would recommend trying them.

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