Lazy Gardening Ideas: Garden-in-a-Bag & Topsy Turvy


If the Leopoldo City Vegetable Garden seems too much work for you but you still like to grow your own herbs, check out the Gardens-in-a-Bag! All you have to do is mix the enclosed seeds into the waterproof bag, add water, place it on the window sill or under a lamp and it grows any time of the year. The perfect much greener gift alternative to cut flowers. Plants available are Basil, Oregano, Italian Parsley, Chives, Viola, Good Luck, Lavender, Alpine Strawberry and Mini-Tomato; all organic! From $8 via :: Wishing

Another easy and fun way to grow plants without really getting your fingers dirty is upside down! In a Topsy-Turvy Planter you can hang anywhere from your balcony without needing much space. You won’t have to dig, weed, bend down or fight ground pests but instead the tomatoes become funky deco. All you have to do is add soil and plants (tomatoes, peppers, squash, flowers,…). From $18,99 ::Topsy Turvy