Kickstart Film 'Open Sesame-The Story of Seeds' and Save Heirlooms

open sesame documentary Open Sesame/Video screen capture

As a seed saver, seed swapper and seed librarian I, like many of you, am concerned about the preservation of heirloom seeds, and farmers' ability to save their own seed.

Projects like the documentary 'Open Sesame- The Story of Seeds' are important because they help educate people who may never stop and ponder the importance of seeds in our daily lives.

Open Sesame documentary Open Sesame/Video screen capture

'Open Sesame' is a documentary work-in-progress that is examining the various threats currently looming over our most precious commodity. Whether that is extinction from not being cultivated, biopiracy, the consolidation of our seed supply, or genetic contamination--the threats to seed sovereignty are very real.

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The film features interviews with eaters, farmers, seed savers, seed activists like Dr. Vandana Shiva, and documents events like last year’s seed swap during Occupy Wall Street.

Seed Swap at Occupy Wall Street Open Sesame/Video screen capture

Currently, the Kickstarter project is funded at $4,356 and is way short of its $45,000 goal. It has some really neat rewards for various levels of funding like, heirloom seeds, a farmer dinner, digital downloads of the film, reusable totes, and even an Executive Producer credit.

If you’d like to help fund 'Open Sesame' visit the Kickstarter page and encourage your friends to do the same. If it doesn’t reach its funding on World Food Day the project will not be funded.

Kickstart Film 'Open Sesame-The Story of Seeds' and Save Heirlooms
The Open Sesame documentary examines the importance of open source seeds.

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