Indoor Gardening with AeroGarden Aeroponics


Here's a little something for burgeoning urban gardeners and those without green thumbs alike. We featured AeroGrow's aeroponics system back in the day, before it was available for sale; we're happy to say that it has finally arrived. With it comes your ability to grow vegetables, greens, herbs and the like in your kitchen (or just about anywhere indoors) by suspending plant roots in the air, rather than soil or water. The suspended plants derive their nutrients from the air; with the help of the "smart" lighting and nutrient-cycling that comes with the garden, the company claims accelerated growth and increased yields over hydroponics and traditional outdoor gardening. Skeptical? They even guarantee a harvest after 28 days. AeroGrow also offers seed kits to go with the garden, including things like chili peppers, gourmet herbs, cherry tomatoes and strawberries; the garden goes for $149.95 and the seed kits are $19.95, available through their website and selected retailers like Sur La Table. ::AeroGrow