In London, Green Corners Rewarded for Making a City More Pleasant

foyles corner photo

Image from Foyle's

This such a delightful idea. The Conservation Foundation has launched its Green Corners Awards which celebrate the unusual, unexpected, witty and beautiful corners of London. The corners have to be green, and do their bit for the birds and insects as well as the passers-by who enjoy them.

Anyone can enter and anyone can nominate a green corner. It may be a small plot of land, a roof terrace, a balcony or a window sill. Foyle's Book Store won in April with their shop window featuring a bucket of tomatoes, climbing peas in the water tank, two pot plants of peas, radishes in the corner and a row of lettuce in the front. The awards go on all year, with winners each month and culminating in a grand competition next spring.

rowca corners photo

Images from ROWCA

ROWCA is a community centre and historic building, located in the east end of London, on the canal. The residents have come together to maintain gardens along the canal and keep the area clean and beautiful. Their award is for "making the side of a Hackney stretch of the Regent's Canal more beautiful, and bringing people of all ages and backgrounds together to take an active part in the care of their community."

The Conservation Foundation was established in 1982 to provide a means for people in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors to work together on environmental causes. Their first project was Elms Across Europe--planting elms across Europe, to replace those lost through Dutch elm disease. The Great British Elm Experiment is an off shoot of this. They are now fundraising to distribute native elm saplings to schools around the country and to establish a monitoring programme to follow the progress of the trees and their resistance to Dutch elm disease.

stanley cres photo

Residential award winner

They work with different organizations and businesses to sponsor awards and run environmental competitions such as this one. They created Yews for the Millennium, distributing 8,500 young yew trees, propagated from ancient trees for planting in church yards.

The Tools Shed is a project that fixes up and recycles old garden tools. They are collected In the London area, tools can be dropped at six garden centres in and around London.and they will be repaired in workshops at 4 prisons, thus contributing to prisoners' training and rehabilitation. The spruced up tools are then given to school and community gardens.

The Green Corners programme covers a lot of green corners: corners for bees, birds and insects, edible Green Corners, Pavement Green Corners, Mews Green Corners, Water-wise Green Corners,Community Green Corners, and School Green Corners.

Congratulations to another organization working hard to save the environment, step by step.

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