Human Shrub Attacks English Town

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Image from The Daily Mirror

Citizens of Colchester beware! Take to your houses. A masked man, dressed like a creature from the swamps has been filling empty planters and baskets with brightly-coloured marigolds and begonias.

He was last seen wandering the streets carrying a sign saying "Save the Roses" after Colchester, England council threatened to bulldoze its rose beds to save money. He waved a banner urging people to "save his brothers the shrubs, and sisters the roses". Now he has returned to carry out random acts of planting throughout the town.

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The mysterious guerrilla gardener is armed with a trowel, compost and watering can. But who is this masked man? No one knows but in one newly planted flower bed he has left a sign saying "To Colchester Borough Council from the Human Shrub".

City councillors are not amused at this guerrilla gardening. One insists that the council just hasn't started its seasonal planting yet. If true, then they are pretty late since most people were finished months ago. The two councillors behind the cuts have been featured locally on posters with their pictures and the heading: "Wanted for crimes against shrubs."

Others have praised him as a local hero in this mysterious "shrubgate". If you see him don't be too afraid to wave. : The Telegraph
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Human Shrub Attacks English Town
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