How to Plant an Organic Vineyard (Video)

planting organic vineyard photo

Image credit: The Food Forest

From building a DIY compost tumbler through composting human waste to planting a permaculture allotment, we've featured some great how-to videos for the crunchier, dirtier end of green living. But this next one should appeal to the hippies and the high-fliers alike—surely everyone would like to plant their own organic vineyard?As you can tell from this guy's accent, this is an Australian how-to video, so some of the specific cultivation information may need to be adapted depending on your geographical location. Nevertheless, it's good to see such a comprehensive, detailed yet concise run-down of what a gardener or landowner needs to know about planting their own vineyard. He certainly makes it look easy. Having killed a couple of grape vines in this summer;s drought, I'm pleased to see provision being made for drip-irrigation.

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