How to Make Seed Balls for No Till Farming (Video)

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Image credit: Paul Wheaton

From a seed bomb vending machine through aerial reforestation to a guide on how to make seed bombs and not get in trouble, we've had plenty of posts on seed bombs, or seed balls, and how to make them. But usually these posts are focused on guerrilla gardening and/or conservation efforts. But seed bombs can be useful in agriculture too—especially if you don't believe in tilling the soil.

We've posted before about natural farming pioneer Fukuoka Masanobu and his special brand of "do nothing" farming that included techniques like no-till, minimum-till and living mulches. Here we learn from Brian Kerkvliet of Inspiration Farm in Bellingham, WA, how he uses seed bombs to plant a polyculture of trains and nitrogen-fixing cover crops like clover.

It's fascinating stuff. If would be great to see a video follow up in a few months to see how well the crops take hold.

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