How to Keep Bees in New York City (Video)

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Image credit: Mainemike52

When we spoke to the directors of the Vanishing of the Bees documentary as part of Discovery's Bees on the Brink efforts, they talked about their delight that cities around the world were recognizing the value of bees in the urban environment. In fact, they told us, bees are often doing better in inner city environments than they are in the countryside where monoculture fields of single crops have become all too commonplace. Nowhere is the renaissance of urban beekeeping more noticeable than in New York City, which only recently lifted its ban on city bees. The video below gives a glimpse into the life of an urban rooftop beekeeper in New York City.

David Graves keeps bees on a number of rooftops across New York, and is a proponent of the claim that bees are well suited to an urban environment and the variety of foraging opportunities they provide. However, all is not well in NYC either, with Graves reporting a number of hives lost to the mysterious Colony Collapse Disorder too.

Beyond simply promoting pollination, or providing honey (Graves sells his honey at local farmers' markets), the hives also provide an opportunity for children to learn about our food system and the value of bees. It's good to see that other people are also willing to let their children try beekeeping too.

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