How to Heal Soil on the Farm and in the Garden (and How to Deal with Old Farmers)

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Last week I posted on Rebecca Hosking and Tim Green's efforts to convert a traditional family farm using permaculture techniques. (These are the same folks who brought us the incredible A Farm for the Future documentary about agriculture and peak oil.) Their latest installment over at Permaculture Magazine looks at dealing with soil compaction on both a farm and a garden scale, and the differences and challenges between the two. It also includes great instructions on how to build a hugelkultur raised bed (TreeHugger has covered hugelkultur in the past too...), and looks at how hard it is to green a family farm when you have "good old boys" still farming that refuse to give up their old ways:

Clearly the first thing we should do to alleviate compaction and get things moving is to stop driving machinery on the pasture unless absolutely necessary. This should be easy but for the two old farmers perpetually trundling around in their tractors using them as geriatric mobility vehicles. Maybe next year we won't be able to afford red diesel...we live in hope.

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