How to Compost Indoors (Video)

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Image credit: Praxxtube

From NatureMill's high-tech indoor composter, to building your own worm bin, there are plenty of options for the would-be composter who doesn't have a yard, or who would just like to keep composting through the winter. The video below gives a very basic, cheap methodology for building your own compost bin. Apparently you need some thin mints to do it...

OK, so the thin mint joke is kinda goofy, but this is a classic example of just how easy composting can be. While you can get all worked up about the correct ratios of nitrogen to carbon, or temperatures, or any number of other things, I always appreciate compost enthusiasts who accept that compost basically happens.

Using little more than some leaves, some coffee grounds, some dirt and some water, Praxxtube shows us how to make smell-free, almost mess-free compost in a plastic bucket.

Anyone tried this at home?

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