How to Collect Scions for Growing Rare Fruit (Video)


Image credit: California Rare Fruit Growers
Community seed libraries and online seed swapping are by no means the only way to share the biodiversity in our gardens. A scion exchange can be a great way to grow rare and unusual kinds of fruit. But what the heck is a scion, and how do you collect one?Scions are the new season's growth on a tree which can, for many species, be cut and then grafted onto another root stock to produce a new tree. (You could also try growing apple trees from seed, but that is a different story.) It's certainly more complicated than saving some pea seeds, but as the video below shows, it's not rocket science either.

This is all part of the California Rare Fruit Grower's annual scion exchange where would-be grafters can get new scions and root stocks, learn how to graft their fruit, and then do it. All for a $4 donation. I know that organic gardening and permaculture groups in my old hometown of Bristol, England used to offer similar events—so take a look around and see what exists in your area.

Happy grafting!

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