How to Build a Compost Tumbler (Video)

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Image credit: The Garden Rock Star

Some time ago, I came across an awesome video about how to build your own compost tumbler. With its makers claiming you can create compost in just 14-21 days for pennies, and little work, it always looked like a great solution for small gardens or those pressed for time. I've just come across another great design for a DIY compost tumbler, this time from the Garden Rock Star. Check out what a barrel, a solid wooden stand, a metal bar and some bolts will do for your garden...

Compost Tumblers Offer Faster Composting
From saving your back from turning your compost, through keeping critters and pests out of your pile, to simply speeding up decomposition through proper aeration, there are many excellent commercially available compost tumblers out there. But the Garden Rock Star's homemade design looks about as simple, and effective, as it can get. I particularly like the addition of bolts as tines that help break up the compost.

I'd love to hear from anyone who tries this out, or who has experimented with other DIY compost tumblers in the past. They seem like the perfect addition to the lazivore garden. (Especially if you can get someone else to build it for you...)

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