How Nature Makes Soil, And You Can Too (Video)

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Image credit: Ecofilms Australia

From helping to convert arid, salty desert into a productive permaculture garden, to reminding us of the astounding fact that there are 40 tons of life in just one acre of soil, Geoff Lawton knows a thing or two about the magic of soil. Here he reveals a few choice places where nature likes to make soil (it's not where you'd think!)—and tells us how to take advantage of that in your own garden.

I am assuming this clip was filmed as part of Geoff's Permaculture Soils DVD, which looks to be a veritable feast of information, tips and inspiration for those gardeners who believe in the old adage that if you feed the soil, the plants look after themselves.

Certainly the notion of looking to the bottom of your pond for valuable soil, before you go buying in top soil stripped from land elsewhere, is about as simple and as important a tip as I can think of. The fact is that nature is busy making soil in the most surprising of places—sometimes all we have to do is look.

Thanks again for the inspiration Geoff. Get more fascinating permaculture footage over at EcoFilms Australia.

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