This is how to make cut flowers last longer

Fresh flowers
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While supporting the behemoth known as the factory farmed flower industry is no way to celebrate a special occasion, there is nonetheless an undeniable beauty in having cut flowers around. Their fragrance and color and intricate grace are sure-fire happy makers. Thankfully, there are sustainable flower farms! As well, it's a pleasure to grow flowers in one's own garden that can be brought inside when the desire calls.

Whether you grow your own flowers or get them from a certified sustainable flower farm – or you received flowers as a present – making them last as long as possible is the best way to give them the respect they deserve. They may just be flowers to some, but they are a gift from nature and should be regarded with some reverence!

So with that in mind, the following steps can help keep your flowers fresh. These come from the folks at the non-profit scientific group, American Chemical Society, who approached the task through the eyes of science. Basically, follow the process outlined below, but be sure to watch the video for details and extra tips.

1. Clean the vase.
2. Use warm water that has been allowed to sit for a few minutes.
3. Feed the flowers using the food provided.
4. Cut the stems.
5. Keep the arrangement away from fruit.
6. Keep the flowers cool.

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This is how to make cut flowers last longer
According to chemistry, these 6 simple steps can extend the life of your pretty posies.

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