How to Build a DIY Black Soldier Fly Composter (Video)

diy black soldier fly composter photoTransitionBondi/Video screen capture

I'm always skeptical when a video says you can make XXX in just 30 minutes. But it's hard to argue when you see it happen in real time.

We've already posted a video of how grub composting can turn dead fish into excellent edible proteins in hours, and a video on how to build your own DIY black soldier fly larvae composter.

But for those who are really interested in this effective means of waste recycling, it would be hard to get more detailed than this step-by-step workshop video of Gavin Smith, beekeeping and composting guru at TransitionBondi, as he walks us through constructing a black soldier fly composter from everyday materials. Pardon the chatter, the shaky camerawork and the informal setting—but it's really helpful to watch the process from start to finish.

Not sure black soldier fly composting is for you? Check out this infographic on which composting method is right for your lifestyle.

How to Build a DIY Black Soldier Fly Composter (Video)
Black soldier fly larvae can dispose of raw meat, fish and many items you wouldn't normally compost. Here's how to build a compost bin for them.

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