Help Kickstart Bitponics: the Siri of Hydroponic Growing

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Some relatives asked me recently if I would help them research and install a hydroponic system in their home so they could grow their own food year-round.

The idea intrigues me, but I wished there was hydroponics for dummies button. A button that you could press that would evaluate your setup and tell you what you needed to do every step along the way.

This week I came across the Kickstarter for Bitponics and it sounds just like the thing I was wishing for a week ago. The Bitponics website describes it as “you personal gardening assistant.”

Watch the Kickstarter Video on Bitponics

Bitponics is a device and website that promises to simplify hydroponic growing for everyone. You enter your setup and plants that you are growing, and it provides you with a personalized growing plan. Sensors in the device send data to the Bitponics website, which in turn sends notifications back to the device to control things such as pumps and lights.

Visit the Bitponics Kickstarter page to donate if you’d like to fund this project.

Help Kickstart Bitponics: the Siri of Hydroponic Growing
Bitponics promises to take the guesswork out of hydroponic growing and make it accessible to us all.

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