Help Bees. Get a Tattoo?!

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Image credit: Friends of Honeybees

As we and our partners across the Discovery network explore the plight of Bees on the Brink, it's not surprising that many businesses have stepped up to do their part to help honeybees. From a British supermarket chain's stunningly comprehensive response to Colony Collapse Disorder through Haagen Dazs' bee boy mayhem to Burt's Bees seed giveaways, many of these businesses have either been food related, or have relied directly on the products of honeybees. But now help is coming from a rather unexpected corner of the business community—tattoo parlors. In fact tattoo parlors across the nation are being asked to make their mark in support of the poor, blighted bee.Organized by Friends of Honeybees, the Buzz for Bees campaign is creating an ongoing, revolving prize drawing that will go to benefit research into bees and bee health, as well as generating funds for beekeeping grants and community-related bee projects. The goal, says organize N'ann Harp, is to raise at least $1m annually for worthy bee-related causes.

At $25 for a ticket, the cost is a little higher than your average prize drawing. But with a one-in-one-hundred chance of winning a tattoo from a participating tattoo shop (your tattoo does have to be bee related!), the odds of winning are pretty good. Add to that the fact that you could also win beekeeping equipment or meals at local restaurants and it starts to look like a more attractive proposition.

Beyond the money raising efforts, however, the idea of bringing in community and business support that reaches well beyond the food industry is dynamite. The fact is that each and every one of us relies on bees for our quality of life, and maybe even our survival. That goes for restauranteurs, mechanics, bloggers and tattoo artists.

Tattoo or no tattoo, head on over to Bees on the Brink for even more ways that you can help the honeybees.

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