This seeds of the month club features only organically-grown heirloom varieties

Grow Journey seeds of the month club
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Ready to get growing some organic heirloom vegetables, but don't know where to start? This subscription club aims to make organic gardening simpler, easier and more affordable.

If you've ever ordered anything from a seed or garden supply company, your mailbox is probably starting to fill up with huge colorful catalogs right about now, offering this season's seeds, tools, and equipment for gardening and backyard farming, and while those beautiful publications are great for winter dreaming about spring's bounty, they can also be a bit daunting. After all, with a bazillion varieties of seeds for sale, which ones do you pick, other than the ones you know because you've already grown them?

For those aspiring organic gardeners who have more willingness than they do gardening knowledge, as well as for those beginning gardeners that could use a helping hand, a new subscription box service aims to make it as easy as possible to not only grow and harvest organic vegetables, but to then save the resulting heirloom/open-pollinated seeds for future plantings.

The GrowJourney organic heirloom seeds of the month club, from the founders of Tyrant Farms, carefully curates and sources five unique seasonal certified organic varieties of seeds each month (which are chosen for their hardiness, their taste, and their beauty), and then accompanies them with online expert guides for growing each variety - from planting through to harvest - and a garden planning feature ("GrowPlans") offers guidelines for designing beautiful garden beds.

"GrowJourney’s mission is to ignite a grassroots passion for growing and sharing traditionally bred, heirloom, organic foods, while encouraging the use of gardening & farming practices that improve long-term soil fertility, environmental health and human wellness." - GrowJourney

According to the website, GrowJourney is different from other seed companies and clubs in a couple of big ways:

1. Less Can Be More: We select interesting varieties of certified organic heirloom/open-pollinated seeds from certified organic farms around the country. Each month throughout the year, five new seed packets will arrive on our subscribers’ doorsteps, each selected to grow in their Agricultural Zone.

2. More Seeds, More Sharing:
Sometimes more is better. We give more seeds per packet than other companies in the seed industry. Plus, we provide free seed packets (aka “Share Packs”) each month that we ask our subscribers to share with someone new (or use to “guerilla garden” with).

3. We Teach A Better Way To Grow: The growing methods we use require no synthetic pesticide or fertilizer application, no soil tilling and they help people become educated about how nature works and how to work with nature in their own gardens. This approach builds healthy soil, healthy ecosystems and healthy people.

GrowJourney offers monthly plans ($14.99), six month plans ($13.49/month), and annual subscriptions ($11.99/month), all with an initial 30 day free trial. To find out more about how this seeds of the month club can get you growing more of your own food, at a lower cost than grocery store prices, in your own yard, head over to GrowJourney.

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